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TEG Projects is a group of professional engineers and project managers who believe in experience and excellence. We work with blue-chip clients within the food and beverage industry that are leaders in their field, in New Zealand and Australia. We consistently deliver solutions that improve and upgrade existing manufacturing practices within the food and beverage industry.

TEG wants engineers who want more

We are on the hunt for engineers with hands-on experience in food and beverage manufacturing and a blend of top-notch communication and critical thinking skills. Most importantly, we want engineers who get a sense of satisfaction out of seeing a project from conception to completion.

Our engineers become a part of a client’s team

To be a successful engineer at TEG Projects, you not only contribute to a client’s team but become part of it. That’s why we make sure everyone on a project team grasps the scope and nature of the client’s production and plant. We take great pride in setting up our engineers for success.

We will help you realise your full potential

Our team is at the heart of our business. We are committed to investing in training and development to ensure every team member realises their full potential.

We also believe in the value of collaboration. We encourage our staff to share their knowledge and work together to create innovative and practical solutions. This means you not only gain from working with top-notch clients but also get the benefit of working with engineers who are the very best in their field.

We can offer you:

  • Consistent opportunities to build up your portfolio
  • Top-notch training, including health and safety
  • A wide variety of work
  • The chance to work with blue-chip clients throughout the South Pacific
  • The opportunity to manage projects from A to Z
  • The advantage of working alongside expert engineers in every field of the food and beverage industry.

Work for us - employment opportunities

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Staff Stories


Miriam Mills - Auckland Regional Manager

I joined the TEG Projects team as a Project Development Manager in 2019 after nearly 10 years at Fonterra Brands - and since then have progressed to lead our Auckland team as Auckland Regional Manager. 

What really stood out to me about TEG Projects was the range of project opportunities that the wider team were involved in, and the fact that they were able to move so nimbly from one project to another.

TEG Projects is a very employee-centred business. What attracted me was the way that employee development is a key focus, alongside ensuring strong connections between the team members who are spread across multiple sites.

Additionally, the TEG Projects team have provided flexibility in my roles, which has given me the space and opportunity to spend time with my young family - it’s awesome to have been able to find a balance that works for me.


Graham Brooks - Project Manager

I’ve been with the TEG Projects team for more than a decade, during which time as a project manager I’ve worked across multiple  exciting projects, brownfield and greenfield alike. 

I suppose what I have enjoyed most about my time with TEG Projects to date is working alongside our team. Ross and senior management have done a wonderful job of bringing together top talent, and retaining that talent - which in our relatively niche industry is immensely valuable. What it means for me in my day-to-day is that I’m surrounded by the best in the business, and with the ability to lean on the wider team’s experience, we (as a business) produce great project outcomes for our clients and have a blast doing it."



Peter Carson - Project Manager

My background is in project engineering and project management primarily in the food and dairy industry. I joined TEG Projects in late 2011 coming from a mechanical engineering workshop and fabrication contractor with previous experience over a number of years in project engineering management. Since joining, I've enjoyed working on a variety of projects and a diverse range of clients - working at TEG Projects has meant I have had experience in many more areas than if I had been just at one site.

Whilst we often work independently at a client’s place of business, I feel I am part of the TEG team, as we have regular meetings to catch-up to learn from each other’s experience and share ideas. People are the core strength and values of TEG Projects."


Sarah Starkey - Project Manager

"Having been with the TEG Projects since February 2022, I've had a great experience in an organisation where I'm made to feel valued and appreciated. There has been ample opportunity to expand my knowledge and skillset as a Project Manager, and learn from the wider team. It’s different to previous PM roles I have had due to the caring nature of the company and the personal touch to ensure the wellbeing of their staff.

The team culture is excellent. Everyone is inclusive and welcoming. Love that there are regular social occasions and opportunities to get to know your colleagues and their families/lives outside of the project.

Having been on one site for 18 months it is gratifying to experience the end to end process of taking a project (or portion of a project) through the design phase and monitoring construction to completion."


Smruthi Vishwanath - Project Manager

"My journey with TEG Projects started in January of 2023, when I joined the team as a Project Manager. My background is in Project Management in the Food and beverage sector, so TEG Projects felt like a natural fit for my skills and growth ambitions.
Industry-wide, TEG Projects is known for building strong and personable relationships with clientele.

What stands out to me about TEG Projects is the growth mindset, flexibility, work/life balance, and adequate support that the team displays. Additionally, the wide range of projects and clients provides the challenging and rewarding work environment that I was looking for."



Chris Strain - Project Manager

"I joined TEG Projects in September 2019 having amassed valuable experience within the food industry, with a good portion of that time dedicated to working in dairy factories.

TEG Projects has a wealth of knowledge and experience amongst its people, additional training is encouraged, and managers are always available to hear and address any other concerns.

The team culture is good, we’re encouraged to interact with each other at training days, peer coaching sessions and bimonthly meetings. Encouraging collaboration and teamwork fosters a sense of camaraderie, which I’ve found leads to greater productivity and innovation

What stands out most to me about TEG Projects is the diverse range of clients and processing plants that I have the opportunity to collaborate with. It's rewarding to expand my skill set and understand the production methods behind different products. It’s satisfying to know that I have now worked on at least a quarter of the average supermarket trolley’s contents."



Rob Butcher - Senior Project Manager

"TEG Projects is a small knit team that allows each team member to have ownership and autonomy of their roles within client organisations. TEG cares a lot about employee engagement and puts staff wellbeing first.There is a good team culture and it appears no one in the organisation feels unwanted or unheard.

Having regular 1 on 1’s and team meetings provides good support and overall understanding of the general company’s activities.

One of the key things I enjoy about working for TEG Projects is learning new industries. It’s a good challenge and also fulfilling. A recent example of this is transitioning into a project within the meat industry which is vastly different from my previous roles in Dairy and Baking. There’s also a good deal of flexibility in most roles: the clients requirements come first but after that the TEG employee manages their own work / life balance."



Wesley Kessack - Senior Project Manager

"Working for TEG Projects I’m still blown away by how team members will proactively reach out to see how you are settling in or handling a new challenge at TEG. The sense of community is clear from the start.

For a relatively small company TEG have plenty of training material to help with a wide variety of challenges. It seems like you could call any member of the team for help, and they will be happy to oblige. TEG’s peer coaching system is an excellent way to share and gather learnings from a range of experiences.TEG go above and beyond when it comes to training, their focus is on building the necessary competencies to deliver value to the customer.

One of the best parts of my week at TEG Projects is arriving on site for the purpose of helping a client achieve their goal - it’s great.

    Team Stories

    We’re a supportive team. We value experience and integrity. We work together on long term and complex projects, sharing our knowledge and skills both with our clients and with each other. Together we create a supportive and respectful environment. Read more below to find out why our people enjoy working for TEG Projects.
    Ross Norgrove

    Ross Norgrove


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    We’re a supportive team. We value experience and integrity. We work together on long term and complex projects, sharing our knowledge and skills both with our clients and with each other. Together we create a supportive and respectful environment. Read more below to find out why our people enjoy working for TEG Projects.
    We’re a supportive team. We value experience and integrity. We work together on long term and complex projects, sharing our knowledge and skills both with our clients and with each other. Together we create a supportive and respectful environment. Read more below to find out why our people enjoy working for TEG Projects.

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