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TEG Projects is a group of professional engineers and project managers who believe in experience and excellence. We work with blue-chip clients within the food and beverage industry that are leaders in their field, in New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific. We consistently deliver solutions that improve and upgrade existing manufacturing practices within the food and beverage industry.

At TEG Projects our tight knit team delivers on complex and long term projects. This way of doing business values people and relationships, as well as quality solutions that last. In much the same way, we help our clients deliver on their sustainability goals.

These goals can be varied, from helping clients find cost effective solutions to achieve trade waste compliance, to reducing water use in manufacturing plants. Since 2021 we’ve partnered with Fonterra to help them deliver on their ambitious wastewater goals.

As the food and beverage industry increasingly focuses on how it can better look after people and the planet, we look forward to continuing to develop impactful and lasting partnerships with our clients to help them navigate these often complex sustainability expectations.

TEG Projects is your sustainability partner

For more information about our experience relating to sustainability projects, or if you’d like to discuss your sustainability agenda, get in touch with the TEG Projects team.