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2022 – The Year in Review

2022 – The Year in Review
December 13, 2022

As we reach the end of the year it is a good time to reflect on some highlights from 2022.

It’s been another productive year for the TEG Projects team and once again, wonderful working alongside our clients on projects both progressed and completed.


This year our TEG Projects Staff Development and Training Day focused on personal well-being, led by speakers Sian Jaquet and Dr Sarah Ferguson, PhD it was very worthwhile.

The Peer Coaching Programme was launched by Miriam Mills, the roll-out was supported by Terry Kayes our business mentor. The initiative seeks to reconnect close connections with colleagues that have been weakened somewhat through remote working.


This year TEG Projects supported the Lighthouse Project to raise money for Men’s Mental Health in NZ. Jamie Wilson, one of our Senior Project Managers, championed the initiative. TEG Projects also donated to the Newmarket Rotary Club to provide assistance to Ukrainian refugees in Europe and to 25 under-privileged NZ children.

It’s projects such as these that bring our team together, and also help us to feel more connected to the communities in which we work.

New staff

This year we welcomed several new staff members to the TEG Projects team. Rhys Knauf, Ian Cranefield, Sarah Starkey and Jake Johns, as well as Brian Feldtman. In January 2023 we are looking forward to Smruthi Vishwanath and Shiraz Mohammed joining our team as well.

End of Year Functions

For the first time in three years the full TEG Projects NZ team were able to gather for an end of year Christmas function, a boat trip, dinner and live band at the The Boat House restaurant in Riverhead. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a productive and successful year, and to welcome two new staff members who will join us in 2023, Smruthi Vishwanath and Shiraz Mohammed.

TEG Risk gathered in Taupo with a special visit from our own Santa this year, and the Brisbane and Sydney teams gathered in Brisbane Metro.

In all cases we were able to enjoy each others company and to celebrate the achievements of the year.


Once again TEG has continued to execute outstanding work for our clients and grow and strengthen our reputation in 2022. Even in these most difficult of times TEG staff have never delivered such a volume of work at the highest possible standards. So, we thank you all once again for your outstanding efforts this year, and we thank our clients for trusting us and working alongside us.

We hope you all have an enjoyable and well-deserved summer break that is full of time spent with friends, family, and even a bit of time to yourself. 

Take care, keep well, and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Noho ora mai,

Ross and the TEG Management Team Hamish, Bevan, Miriam, Barry, Andy, Julian and Lindsay